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Hydro Safe
Hydro Safe Hydro Safe Hydro Safe
Hydro Safe
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Hydro Safe: Safety First

Everybody Know That Hydro is not safe But No One Try to be SAFE Do Not Blame Others. Start From your own. Be Safe and Make your people safer.

Salient Features 1. It don’t smell like a Sulphur Compound. Absence of SO2 makes it odourless and non-poisonous that makes it easy for workers to use it. 2. Hydro Safe do not liberate SO 2 and hence there is no risk associated like fading of colours of dyed and printed wet fabric piled along with it. 3. Less Fire Hazard makes it easy to Transport. Hydro Safe is not much affected by moisture that makes it more stable where as Hydro is not safe 4. Highly Stable Compound. Hydro Safe can withstand temperature up to 1100C in treatment bath, whereas after 600C Hydro Sulphite is not. 5. Hydro Safe is Far more Stronger than Hydro Sulphite that is how it is much economical even if you pay more price. 6. Hydro Safe is very safe for living organisms and hence can be used in waste water treatment. 7. One can easily start using “Hydro Safe” is place of Sodium Hydro Sulphite.

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Hydro Safe
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