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Solvent For Phthalogen Blue IF3G
Solvent For Phthalogen Blue IF3G Solvent For Phthalogen Blue IF3G Solvent For Phthalogen Blue IF3G
Solvent For Phthalogen Blue IF3G
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Phthalofix TR

Solvent for Phthalogen Blue IF3G Dyeing & Printing.

Phthalogen powder as such is insoluble in water. Hot water is prohibited to be used for dilution of Phthalogen which makes the dye weak. Use of proper solvent is a must to achieve real German Blue shade. Here is a perfect solvent to make the powder fully Soluble.

One Part of Phthalogen Powder is to be mixed with two parts of our product Phthalofix TR. Mix it well to make clear solution.

Many people add Emulsifier after Dye Powder and Phthalofix TR (Solvent) are mixed well. We recommend our Product Pthalosol CR as Emulsifier. Many dyes manufacturer use our special product in their manufacturing process. This dye powder no more need Emulsifier for solubility, however Solvent Pthalofix TR is a must for Reddish German Blue tone.

Ice cold water is to be added after all the three ingredients are mixed. Copper complex is to be mixed at last, just before starting the dyeing or printing process. All other methods and sequence lead towards reduction is brilliancy and colour value of the product.

Once you dye using Phthalofix TR and Pthalosol CR, you are sure to use it permanently, irrespective of vast price difference.

Pthalogen Blue dye manufacturers who used our special product in their manufacturing process earned reputation about quality of their product.

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Solvent For Phthalogen Blue IF3G
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